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  2. MEMBERS OF HR & R Committee AND TOR


    Mr. Khalid Niaz Khawaja - Member/Chairman
    Mian Raza Mansha - Member
    Mr. Shahzad Ahmad Malik – Member


    • Recommendation to the Board for consideration and approval a policy framework for determining remuneration of directors (both executive and non-executive directors and members of senior management). The definition of senior management will be determined by the Board which shall normally include the first layer of management below the chief executive officer level

    • Undertaking, annually, a formal process of evaluation of performance of the Board as a whole and its committees either directly or by engaging external independent consultant and if so appointed, a statement to that effect shall be made in the directors’ report disclosing therein name and qualifications of such consultant and major terms of his / its appointment.

    • Recommending human resource management policies to the Board.

    • Recommending to the Board the selection, evaluation, development, compensation (including retirement benefits) of chief operating officer, chief financial officer, company secretary and head of internal audit.

    • Consideration and approval on recommendations of chief executive officer on such matters for key management positions who report directly to chief executive officer or chief operating officer.

    • Where human resource and remuneration consultants are appointed,they shall disclose to the committee their credentials and as to whether they have any other connection with the company.